Bed Mattresses

Bed Mattresses

You spend almost one third of your life on the bed. 

Why not get a better night's rest on a clean mattress?

Especially if you or your loved ones have allergies it is essential to have your mattresses cleaned regularly.

Did you know?

Some sources indicate that dust mites are responsible for 25% of all allergies and are the most important cause of asthma worldwide.

Dust mites live on dead human skin cells, as well as fungi and bacteria. They also live off water vapor, which we provide for them by perspiration and respiration, emitting approximately one pint (473ml) of moisture per person per night.

Dust mites are found in virtually all homes regardless how clean, with the principal exposure in the bedroom. The bedroom provides a plentiful supply of shed human skin cells, warmth and humidity, making it the ideal environment for dust mites to thrive and multiply in.

To keep dust mites under control:

Wash sheets, pillows, and blankets regularly.
Have your mattresses cleaned with hot water regularly.
Also consider our Anti-Allergen Treatment.