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  • Are you new in Tokyo? Or just moved into a new house/apartment? You got a white carpet! It is very common in houses/apartments in Tokyo. Horriefied with the idea of returning it when due? Don't worry! Just let us visit your residence to give you a maintenance program. Call now  for this obligation-free informative visit by Carpet Doctor.  0120-520-225
  • Planning a vacation? Plan a cleaning! Why? Because it is so convenient! You don't have to worry about your children and pets. You pre-arrange a cleaning, enjoy vacation and simply come back to your nice and clean home. This is truly refreshing! Let us discuss how easily it can be done. Call Toll-Free 0120-520-225 for more detail.
  • Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification recognizes Tsuyoshi Takano as a Master Textile Cleaner! Master Textile Cleaner (MTC) designation is awarded to those who completed the courses and passed the examinations in such areas as Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning, Odor Control, Carpet Repair and Reinstallation and Color Repair. There are only two MTCs in Japan and Tsuyoshi is the only active MTC in Japan. So when you ask Carpet Doctor for any cleaning services, you can be confident that you are asking right people to get the job done!
  • Foreign Buyers Club has included us in their "Friends of FBC" list! They don't list anybody there. Only the services they are confident to recommend appear. Check out their website http://www.fbcusa.com/cs/ 
  • 旅行の計画がありますか?ではクリーニングも計画してみてはどうですか?子供たちやペットがいないときにクリーニングしておいてもらって、旅行から戻ってきたら家はきれいになっていた!とてもいいアイデアだと思いませんか?以外に簡単にできます。詳しくはお電話で。フリーダイヤル 0120-520-225
  • 高野 毅はIICRCによりマスター テキスタイル クリーナーに認定されました! マスター テキスタイル クリーナー(MTC)とは次の分野でコースを受け試験に合格した者に与えられます;カーペットクリーニング、アポーストリクリーニング(家具布張りクリーニング)、オドーコントロール(臭気コントロール)、カーペットリペアと再インストール、およびカーペット カラーリペアです。日本人のMTCは二人目。一人目の方は教育活動に専念しているため実質的に高野 毅が唯一フィールドで活躍するMTCです。カーペットや布張り製品でお困りのことはなんでも相談ください。


Thank you for your interest in Carpet Doctor, Tokyo's #1 carpet cleaning team. We are a family-owned business serving the Tokyo community since 1990. Carpet Doctor was founded on providing high quality cleaning at reasonable prices and unprecedented customer service… Click to read more